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Our company “J’Looks Beauty” is proud to serve you eyebrow microblading in Vaughan and all the Greater Toronto Area (Newmarket , Aurora , Missisauga , Woodbridge, Richmond Hill). Microblading refers to a semi-permanent makeup technique that enhances eyebrows. In microblading, a makeup artist, whose hand is stable, implants pigment into the skin through tiny scratches. The scratches create fake hair strokes that appear real. This technique is used to achieve full brows that look natural and is the right way of reconstructing eyebrows. It is quite ideal for people who have bald spots or are experiencing loss of hair because of diseases like Alopecia and cancer. This process of hair reconstruction could last up to two and a half hours.

In eyebrows tattooing, the tattoos are permanent. When the ink comes into contact with the skin, it remains on it for life. However, there are instances in which the ink might fade away. In most cases, this is influenced by the quality of ink used. One should note that just like any other tattoo, getting this on the eyebrows can be a painful process.

It is also referred to as permanent cosmetics or permanent makeup tattoo. The dermal layer of the skin is filled with hypoallergenic mineral pigment. For an effective outcome, this is achieved by using computerized digital machines. With the machines, the process is accurate and less painful. The process shares the same technique used in the feathering hair stroke process.

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Microblading Details

Microblading Service
Eyebrow Microblading in Toronto and GTA
Microblading Eyebrows

Microblading is a cosmetic procedure that involves manual implantation of pigment into the skin, to come up with hair that is natural-looking. It makes brows thicker with an illusion of volume, and on-point corrections. It is the best technique for people who want more beautifully shaped brows. People who have no eyebrows at all or desire to have the gaps in their brows filled, also benefit from microblading. Once done, it can take up to two years. It requires very little or absolutely no maintenance, in comparison to other techniques like brow extension.

For anyone who wants beauty but was born with sparse eyebrows, this is the best method for achieving that. One who has lost eyebrows because of health conditions or too much plucking, should also not lose hope since this is the answer to that hair-problem. Happiness, relaxation, and higher self-esteem can be achieved when someone undertakes this reconstruction procedure. Impeccable eyebrows contribute wholesomely to a beautiful look. This process makes the crisp, fine lines to blend in unnoticeably with the existing real hair.

Check our web gallery to have a look at our portfolio of microblading work, and make an appointment for a life-changing makeup experience with our artists. We have highly trained makeup artists who possess talent and experience; have a good mastery of chemistry, skincare, and hygiene. We also offer lessons on microblading artistry. Our standards are high, as we stick to using pigments that are cruelty-free and are highly suitable for those who prefer a vegan lifestyle. We also use disposable needles that are thoroughly sterilized.

The resulting makeup can take between one to three years before another procedure takes place. The period taken is influenced by different factors such as the type of skin that a person has, health status, and general lifestyle.

Though it does not require very regular maintenance, it is a semi-permanent procedure and may lose value with time. Microbalding, therefore, calls for a yearly touch up exercise, once the follow-up touch up has been concluded. Because of the variations that come with the different types of skin, definite results are not guaranteed. Time taken to heal, how the color is retained, and the number of times that touch up is conducted, all vary depending on one’s skin. The least amount of treatments needed is two, which are the initial procedure and the follow-up touch up. A period of six to eight weeks is allowed to elapse after the initial process, to give time for complete healing, before the follow-up touch up takes place. There are touch fees that apply in each case.

Microblading Services

Microblading has several synonyms. These include feather touch, micro-stroking, and embroidery. It is one of the procedures performed in applying permanent makeup. In most instances, it is used as a cover-up for missing eyebrow hair. This is made possible by the fact that they have a striking resemblance with real hair. Tattooing more layers achieve this. It is also a preferred choice because its application process is painless. Although this can be viewed as a very temporary measure, it has been in use for ages. History traces its origin to Asia, where it is known as feathering.

For one to achieve the unique camouflage, hair strokes are drawn, making them appear natural.

Microblading, on the other hand, is a cosmetic tattooing method. In this process, permanency of the makeup is achieved use of needles. Anesthetics are used in the whole process to help eradicate the pain associated with the pricking needle. The needle deposits special pigments on the skin, which extends the lifespan of the makeup. However, with time, the tattoo fades depending on several factors such as the quality of ink used.

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